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DevOps Engineer

About Sollers Consulting:

Sollers Consulting is more than a consultancy and software integrator. As a company founded in 2000, our mission has been to transform the financial & insurance industries by helping them adapt to new technologies.

The power of collaboration and the limitless potential of Sollers people are at the root of our success. We strive to be the best at what we do, both in the eyes of our team and our customers. We put people at the heart of every project.

Join us and make Sollers be driven by… you!

About DevOps at Sollers:

Our DevOps Team supports the development process for internal and external projects. They are responsible for creating the infrastructure (on-premise and cloud solutions, containers), the configuration of application servers, databases. They also define the software development process with DevOps automation tools. On external project, DevOps work closely with the customer, based on their requirements. 

About the skills and tools. You will use:

• CI/CD tools (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Argo CD)
• Terraform, Ansible, Puppet
• Kubernetes, Openshift
• AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, VMware
• Linux, Windows
• Bash scripts, Powershell
• ...and more depending on the project

About the role. You will:

• Participate in internal and external projects for our clients, where your responsibilities include defining, installing, automating, optimizing, and maintaining IT environments at both the hardware and application level (utilizing tools such as Jenkins, Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, and JIRA).
• Be responsible for maintaining and configuring key elements of the company's IT infrastructure, including VMware servers, matrices, Linux and Windows operating systems, and network devices.
• Take charge of implementing and maintaining cloud infrastructure on platforms like AWS and MS Azure.
• Play a pivotal role in implementing the DevOps culture in large international projects.
• Be responsible for implementing, maintaining, and continually improving IT processes.
• Work directly with our customers as an active member of an agile project team.

About the requirements. You need:

• A degree in IT or a related field – we're also open to students in their final year of technical studies.
• Knowledge of the tools for Continuous Integration/Delivery and have experience in the development process automation, software deployment and testing (Jenkins, Bamboo, GIT, GitLab, Gerrit, JMeter, Selenium or other similar).
• Knowledge of the tools for automated build environments (Ansible, Puppet, Chef, KitchenCI, Terraform or other similar).
• Familiarity with Linux and Windows administration issues.
• Experience of using and configuring Linux and Windows systems.
• At least basic knowledge of SQL language.
• Good command of English language, at least B2/C1 level.
• Be interested in a long-term cooperation and the development of competences in the broadly defined IT administration and infrastructure.
• Effective communication skills and the ability to work well in a team.
• Availability to work full time.
• Ability to work in the European Union.

About the wishes. Nice to haves:

• Familiarity with cloud technologies (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure).
• Fluency in French or German.
• Knowledge of the tools for virtualization, mainly VMWare.
• Familiarity with the issues related to containerization (e.g. Docker) and platforms for infrastructure scaling, related to containers (Kubernates/OpenShift).
• Knowledge of script languages (e.g. Bash, PowerShell, Python).
• Ability to manage and configure Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss servers.
• Knowledge about database administration (Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL).

About our promises. We can offer:

• Flexible working hours and a hybrid home office model (2-3 times per week in the office) as work-life balance is crucial at Sollers.
• A chance to be promoted twice a year and a clearly defined career path with salary forecast.
• Opportunities for growth with a training budget that you can use for courses and conferences. We also provide access to an online training platform and co-fund language classes.
• An internal coach to guide you through the onboarding, further training and career opportunities, plus a budget to be used for your lunches together.
• A chance to #domore for the planet and the community as part of Sollers Change Makers - our volunteering program.
• Lots of teambuilding activities, trips, hobby groups and cultural events to create a company powered by teamwork.
• Probably all the benefits you can think of!

Białystok, Gdańsk, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, Warsaw, Wrocław

Benefits & Perks

Our team is the heart of our company. That’s why we make Sollers an excellent place to work, where employees feel welcome and comfortable.

Open company culture
Opportunity to work worldwide
Supportive and talented community
Clear home office rules
High-end work equipment
Delicious cereals, coffee and fresh fruits

Tips & Tricks

Krzysztof, IT Manager

When I'm reviewing your application, I pay attention to what you have done in previous jobs to understand if you are a good fit for our projects.

It’s always worth it to include in your resume the information about foreign language proficiency, skills, commercial experience and tools that you used.

It's better to be honest especially during the interview. If you don't know some technologies - don't worry - we're looking for people who are open to learning new things.​

I really appreciate people who see our website and ask a question during the interview - it means that they really want to find out what they will be doing.​

Mikołaj, Senior IT Administrator

My top 3 tips for an interview at Sollers are:​

1. Prepare for the interview, expect a general IT knowledge test and basic ‘what our company does / why you want to work with us’. The key is to sound like you mean it 😉​

2. Ask the right questions, listen actively, sell your experience / home projects, be honest and try to be positive. If you don’t know the answer say how you would find it.​

3. Experience is a huge plus, but I think that more important is to present your current knowledge and passion for the job. You are already in the interview, reassure the recruiter that he/she made the right call inviting you.​

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