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Java Developer with French/German

About Sollers Consulting:

Sollers Consulting is more than a consultancy and software integrator. As a company founded in 2000, our mission has been to transform the financial & insurance industries by helping them adapt to new technologies.  

The power of collaboration and the limitless potential of Sollers people are at the root of our success. We strive to be the best at what we do, both in the eyes of our team and our customers. We put people at the heart of every project. 

Join us and make Sollers be driven by… you! 

About Software Development at Sollers:

Versatility is the keyword when it comes to what we do in IT. Development is just the beginning of a long journey where we get familiar with business, processes, and architecture. But at the end of the day, the result is always the same: a ready-to-use solution used by everyone around us.

As a Sollers developer, you'll have the opportunity to continuously expand your skill set, navigate complex challenges, and contribute to the creation of solutions that empower businesses and individuals alike.

About the role. You will:

• Implement and customise core insurance systems such as Guidewire, Salesforce, TIA or INSIS.
• Develop our own systems as a part of the internal R&D team.
• Design IT solutions and prepare documentation.
• Create unit tests.
• Work directly with our clients as an active member of an agile project team.

About the skills and tools. You will use:

• Java or Gosu
• Git, Jenkins, and similar
• IntelliJ
• Apex
• Oracle, MSSQL, H2
• ...and more depending on the project

About the requirements. You need:

• At least 1 year of commercial experience as a software developer, preferably in Java.
• Good command of English language, at least B2/C1 level.
• Fluency in French or German (B2/C1 level at least).
• Strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), design patterns, clean code principles, and best practices.
• Solid understanding of software engineering concepts.
• Effective communication skills and the ability to work in a team.
• Availability to work full time.
• Ability to work in the European Union.

About the wishes. Nice to haves:

• Demonstrated ability to learn quickly in a supportive yet challenging environment.
• Eagerness to learn about new technologies and solutions.
• Willingness to travel regularly.
• Any of the following: Web services (REST/SOAP), Microservices, JMS knowledge, Spring, or any similar hands-on experience.

About our promises. We can offer:

• Flexible working hours and a hybrid home office model (2-3 times per week in the office) as work-life balance is crucial at Sollers.
• A chance to be promoted twice a year and a clearly defined career path with salary forecast.
• Opportunities for growth with a training budget that you can use for courses and conferences. We also provide access to an online training platform and co-fund language classes.
• An internal coach to guide you through the onboarding, further training and career opportunities, plus a budget to be used for your lunches together.
• A chance to #domore for the planet and the community as part of Sollers Change Makers - our volunteering program.
• Lots of teambuilding activities, trips, hobby groups and cultural events to create a company powered by teamwork.
• Probably all the benefits you can think of!

Benefits & Perks

Our team is the heart of our company. That’s why we make Sollers an excellent place to work, where employees feel welcome and comfortable.

Open company culture
Opportunity to work worldwide
Supportive and talented community
Clear home office rules
High-end work equipment
Delicious cereals, coffee and fresh fruits

Recruitment process

CV Evaluation

CV Evaluation

Online Code Testing (optional)

Online Code Testing (optional)



Welcome on board!

Welcome on board!

Reasons to Join

Szymon, Java Developer

I've been a part of the Sollers team since early 2022. My role involves working on a project for UK-based insurer as a Developer. The project's complexity provides plentiful opportunities for professional growth, allowing me to acquire new skills and expand my knowledge. Collaborating with an international team allows me to experience a different work culture and perspective. This, in turn, has sharpened not only my technical skills but also the equally vital interpersonal ones.

What truly distinguishes Sollers from any other employer is its strong sense of community and integration. This sense of belonging extends not only within the project you work in, but also the offices themselves, ensuring you get to know the people you work next to every day. Moreover, employees are encouraged and supported in organizing their initiatives, ranging from sports activities like climbing and squash to cultural events and even board games and D&D sessions.

Anna, Software Developer

In my current role as a Developer, I am part of the team that drives the development of Salesforce competence. The collaborative environment within my team is something I sincerely appreciate. Mistakes are not roadblocks but stepping stones to improvement, and achieving goals together brings unparalleled satisfaction. Since joining the company, learning from experienced colleagues has been crucial to my personal and professional growth.

I find great satisfaction in striking the right balance between work and personal life. Sollers and its flexible approach makes it easy to do so. In summary, my journey as a Developer at Sollers has been marked by teamwork, continuous learning, and a commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I am grateful for the opportunities presented, and I look forward to contributing further to the success of our team.

Dorian, Senior Developer

At Sollers, I have had the privilege of working on a major project for one of the UK's largest insurance companies. To me, Sollers has been more than just a place to work, it has been a place of growth and learning. From the moment I walked through the doors in 2015, I was greeted with a culture of genuine camaraderie. It's heartening to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and six different countries, all sharing a common goal and passion for excellence. This sense of togetherness and collaboration is not only encouraged, it is deeply embedded in our company's DNA.

Sollers has also played a pivotal role in shaping my career path by providing many opportunities for growth. Whether it's through exposure to international projects or the provision of an individual training budget that allows me to attend IT conferences and workshops of my choice, Sollers consistently invests in the development of its employees.

Career path

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