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Software Developer

Software Development

Whoever says that software development is a mundane and solitary job has obviously never worked at Sollers. Development is just a beginning of a fascinating journey where we get familiar with business, processes, and architecture. That journey might take you to Barcelona or Tokyo; Paris or Cracow; Cologne or London. The sheer number of projects and customers we have worked with remotely and on-site, guarantees that you will never be bored, you will be on a constant learning curve and get to show off your skills.​

About Sollers Consulting

We are a Team of over 900 professionals who build the Digital Future for the world’s largest insurance, banking and leasing organisations. Our history of business advisory and software implementation goes back to the year 2000. Sollers Consulting’s roots are in Europe, but the company’s footprint is visible around the world.

As an international company with offices & projects around the world and Sollers of 20+ nationalities, we thrive in our multi-culture. We guarantee you will feel like you belong here, whether you are from Poland, the West, the East or another hemisphere.

Speaking of skills, it is quite likely that, at some point, you will be using the following tools and technologies

• Java or Gosu
• Git, Jenkins, and similar
• IntelliJ
• Oracle, MSSQL, H2
• ..and more depending on the project

How exactly will you be applying all your skills and talents?

• Implementing and customizing core insurance systems such as Guidewire, TIA or INSIS.
• Developing our own systems as a part of internal R&D team
• Designing IT solutions and preparing the documentation
• Creating unit tests
• Cooperating directly with our clients as an active member of an agile project team

Do you feel like it’s something right up your alley? Let’s see if you have what it takes! And what it takes is:

• Min. 1 year of commercial experience in OOP language, preferably Java
• Good understanding of OOP, clean code and best practices
• Fluency in English and Japanese
• Understanding of software engineering
• Good communication skills and teamwork integration

You will totally impress us if, on top of all of the above, you have any of the below:

• Willingness to learn new technologies and solutions
• Teamwork skills and experience
• Understanding of design patterns
• Command of French or German
• Any of the following: Web services (REST/SOAP), Microservices, JMS knowledge, Spring, or any similar hands-on experience

But enough about work. Let's talk benefits!

And there are many of those in Sollers. Check the graphics below and see for yourself. Please note that you will start with a 6-month fixed-term contract, and upon successful onboarding, transition to a permanent employment agreement. And if you need more info about Sollers Consulting, read all about us on our website – check the projects we have completed around the world and the integration events we enjoy together (also around the world!)

Benefits & Perks

Our team is the heart of our company. That’s why we make Sollers an excellent place to work, where employees feel welcome and comfortable.

Open company culture
Opportunity to work worldwide
Supportive and talented community
Clear home office rules
High-end work equipment
Delicious cereals, coffee and fresh fruits

Recruitment process

CV Evaluation

CV Evaluation

Online Code Testing (optional)

Online Code Testing (optional)



Welcome on board!

Welcome on board!

Reasons to Join

Julius, Software Developer

I started working with Sollers as a Software Developer in May 2020 and I am currently working as a React Developer for a project in Japan. I experienced a variety of projects with different technologies, and tools, that helped me grow as a developer. Since I joined I felt that the people I worked with always had my back, they always shared, taught, and helped me during the process and contributed a lot to my progress to be not only a better developer but also a better person.

I also liked that our office in Japan is really international with a mix of people from different backgrounds, which gave a different perspective on how people tackle problems.

Fabio, Software Developer

I started my journey at Sollers as a Software developer in 2020. At the moment I am working at a project in Japan mostly related with frontend technologies.
What I like the most about Sollers is the opportunity to work with very talented and skilful people and also the fact that everyone cooperates a lot. I feel like I can reach out to anyone for advices or opinions without being judged. Being surrounded by these great people keeps me motivated to improve my abilities.

Career path

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