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Predictions report for insurance industry trends 2024
Nov 28, 2023 Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Core System Implementation , Report , Insurance
By Christoph Baltzer

Insurance trends in 2024

The Sollers Prediction Report is based on economic data and talks with insurance industry executives and professionals in 15 markets across Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. 

In 2024, insurance companies must deal with several factors impacting the insurance market. We have covered them in the Sollers Prediction Report 2024 “Against the Wind”. 

Key messages:

  • Claims inflation remains high 
  • Increasing dependence on reinsurance 
  • Insurers focus on data management to prepare for AI 
  • Cloud migration of core systems will be prevalent 
  • Realignment of core systems implementation programmes 
  • APIs will be a pivotal factor 
  • Political influence on insurance.

Our Predictions highlight how these will influence insurance outlook, specifically several markets such as: Germany, United Kindgom, London Market, United States, Nordic countries, CEE, France, Japan and Australia. 

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