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What we have learnt during Covid-19
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“Learning agility means to learn, de-learn, and relearn all the times” – Pearl Zhu

AgilityAgility enables us to adapt and to succeed in any situation.
The last months have been a serious challenge but guided
by our values, ​​we managed to learn some important lessons. Now we at Sollers feel stronger, smarter, and more than ready
to face new challenges.

Read in this article what we have learnt during Covid-19 and what we have done to keep our business moving. 

Sense of Stability

In the last months, job stability has been one of the most important company values. We are very lucky that the recent crisis has had a limited impact on the insurance and IT industry. The sense of our security comes mainly from the fact that Sollers does not hire specialists for projects being fully dependent on the current need and situation on the market. Not only are our consultants improving the life for our clients on a daily basis, but also the Sollers internal R&D team is constantly creating solutions which affect the way we and the industry as a whole work in areas such as quality assurance, test automation, and more.

Client Focus

Establishing a good rapport with clients has always been crucial for us. We work hard to make sure that our cooperation is based on trust and mutual satisfaction. Last months have shown us that our efforts are paying off. In times of crisis, our relations with the clients remained strong and unaffected by the challenging reality. We believe that we owe it to being Agile and transparent, which in turn, makes it possible to form long-term relationships.

Reliable Partners

In the time of crisis all relationships are put to the test. Today we can say that we have also passed this test when it comes to the relations with our Partners.

  • Sollers Consulting began a successful partnership with Guidewire Software in 2011, which resulted in more than 60 projects delivered for the insurance carriers around the world.
  • This strategic partnership has facilitated growth for both companies and established a very close and friendly relationship.


Leading by Example

In uncertain times, leading by example is becoming even more important to ensure
trust and a good cooperation across the company. Regular company updates about the current company topics in the form of newsletters or online conferences with dedicated Q&A sessions turned out to be a valuable and appreciated Sollers platform. It made our worldwide team even more unified and strong. Moreover by involving Sollers in our aim of transparent leadership we are leading by example and exercising our values such as teamwork and transparency.

Communication is the Key


Communication is the Key

Communication is very important in everyday life and even more so in the times of crisis. During the last months it was even more valuable for us to stay in touch and take care of each other.

  • We kept each other up to date during remote First Thursdays where we shared information about what was happening in the whole organization and what we were currently working on.
  • We drank (a lot of) coffee during remote coffee chats with our team members.
  • Also our internal Yammer platform was full of posts with updates on how we were dealing with home office and the new situation.


Constant Development

Constant Development

At Sollers we have a unique approach to the Promotion & Evaluation process for every employee. Twice a year we evaluate every eligible employee which results not only in promotion decisions but also in valuable performance-related feedback and possible development directions that can be pursued.

During the COVID-19 pandemic nothing has changed in our approach to this topic. The only exception is that many more promotion meetings took place remotely which didn’t hamper the process itself.

Right now, we are preparing for the Autumn edition of the Promotion & Evaluation process and apart from more remote work, not much has changed for us. We have the tools and means to continue in this manner for the time being.


Self-Development is a real value 


It is always a good time to be an active learner, broaden your knowledge and gain new skills. During the Coronavirus pandemic that seems to be even more important. Although we cannot meet and participate in training events together, we can still do it online – share the experience and learn from the others’ practical knowledge.

Since April we have organised 6 internal online trainings, our    Sollers participated in more than 70 external online trainings, over 34 Sollers are currently learning new technologies required in various projects. When it comes to future plans – we are going to have even more training-related activities.

For our company development is a real value – even at home, we keep on learning!

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