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Maintain business continuity and team spirit
Mar 19, 2020

Warsaw, Tokyo, Cologne, 19 March 2020: Due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Sollers Consulting has switched its projects with insurers and banks to a remote mode. Companies in the financial sector are well prepared for this. Sollers Consulting is optimistic that the deadlines will be met, and project milestones achieved.

Sollers Consulting guarantees highest business continuity in times which are a big challenge for almost all companies. On Monday, March 16th, Sollers Consulting switched to a remote working mode. Employees of the offices in Warsaw, Tokyo, Cologne, Lublin and Poznań have been  encouraged to work remotely and the employees continue their work from home. The company formed a team to support the employees. It ensures that procedures follow an action plan to limit the risks, not only for its own employees but also for the employees of the companies supported by Sollers Consulting.

“The health of our employees and the people we work and live with is our highest priority”, comments Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner at Sollers Consulting. “Fortunately, the pandemic has so far had no direct impact on the health of Sollers Consulting’s employees”.

As travel restrictions have become increasingly strict due to the worsening Covid19 pandemic, Sollers Consulting has decided to continue working in a remote mode until the situation changes.

“In our projects with insurers, banks and other financial institutions, we work partly on-site and partly remotely”, comments Michał Trochimczuk, Managing Partner at Sollers Consulting. “Teleworking has been an important part of our daily work for many years. We have built up IT infrastructures that enable us to work from virtually anywhere in the world. In the current situation we can continue our services without interruption”.

Sollers Consulting uses cloud-based tools that enable communication within teams, even when they are working far apart. The tools and technologies Sollers Consulting uses are high-performance and secure.

“We have been holding remote sessions with many participants for many years and our experience shows that this works very well,” comments Pluta. “We have established an IT infrastructure that ensures that information remains confidential and is always available when needed”.

Currently all Sollers Consulting projects  are switched to a remote mode.

“We support 14 insurance companies in the UK”, comments Grzegorz Podleśny, Partner at Sollers Consulting. “They have all changed to a remote mode in the current projectswithout major problems.”

Sollers Consulting supports eight German insurance companies and one German bank in modernising their IT infrastructure.

“The German insurance industry is gradually moving to teleworking,” comments Trochimczuk. “In some cases, we have to convince our customers to practice more teleworking. In some projects, insurers and banks were better prepared than we had expected, and the projects continue without major disruptions,” says Trochimczuk.

“Insurers in Scandinavia have switched to remote working quite easily,” says Pluta. “Due to travel restrictions, we have also adapted our projects in France. We recently completed our project with the Admiral subsidiary L’Olivier. Our second project in France will be prepared for the new situation”.

“In general, the insurance industry is well prepared for the challenges of the pandemic. Even under the extreme circumstances we are currently experiencing, we are confident that we will reach the next stages of our projects. As we see that many of our clients are expanding their teleworking options, we are sharing our experience with them. With the established structures we have, we are continuing our projects as planned, meeting deadlines and maintaining the team spirit,” Trochimczuk comments.