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Sollers Consulting strengthens Guidewire expertise
Jul 22, 2021

Warsaw, July 22, 2021: Sollers has added two more specialisations to its Guidewire expertise. The consultancy is now recognised for Guidewire specialisations “InsuranceSuite Integration – EMEA” and “Digital – EMEA”. With seven specialisations, Sollers is now one of the leading Guidewire specialists worldwide.

Sollers Consulting has received two new Guidewire Specialisations. The company is recommended by Guidewire as an Advantage-level partner. Guidewire specialisations require IT integrators to demonstrate skills, knowledge, experience, and competence in a specific Guidewire product or solution area. With more than 350 customers in 32 countries, Guidewire Software is one of the most advanced insurance platforms in the world.

As an InsuranceSuite Specialisation Partner, Sollers is recognised for its ability to implement the essential core systems that support the P&C insurance lifecycle, including underwriting, policy, billing, and claims management. The consultancy has also been recognised as a Digital Specialisation Partner. Guidewire acknowledges Soller’s experience in this area and its ability to deliver compelling user experiences across marketing, sales, service, and claims.

“Digital transformation and core systems modernisation remains the biggest challenge in the insurance industry,” says Michał Trochimczuk, Managing Partner and co-founder of Sollers Consulting. “Our goal is to provide our clients with increasingly comprehensive solutions to accelerate business transformation.”

“By recognising our expertise, we want to underscore our ability to get the most value from Guidewire applications. Insurance Suite is a central source for all key customer and financial data, rate and product definitions, workflows and business rules for insurers. We have shown that we can increase customer centricity, business agility, and profitability with Guidewire’s digital applications,” says Jeremi Nazaruk, Managing Consultant at Sollers Consulting.

A Sollers team of 440 certified Guidewire experts has gained its experience through various implementation projects. The consulting firm has the largest team of specialists in Europe. In total, Sollers has supported more than 40 Guidewire implementations and maintenance projects in Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan. The company has developed tools to help insurers implement Guidewire more efficiently, ensure code quality, and automate software testing.

“Thanks to the Sollers delivery model, we are able to provide our insurance industry customers with end-to-end support for their implementation projects. Guidewire’s specialisations are an important part of our competencies, which include capabilities in cloud, process automation, and quality assurance,” says Nazaruk.

“In ten years of working with Guidewire, we have helped insurers in a dozen of countries get the most out of the platform. We continue to expand our Guidewire team and build our capabilities in this area. Insurers are emphasising that they expect their core systems to move to SaaS versions in the cloud. We expect to see more and more insurers opting for Guidewire Cloud customisation. I look forward to expanding our partnership and expertise in Guidewire,” says Trochimczuk.