Digital Ecosystem

As Digitalization Partner for our Customers we wish to provide them with the right digital ecosystem.

Financial institutions still struggle with high time-to-market and cost-to-market of changes in their frontends. Particularly challenging are flexible management of cross-sell and up-sell and ensuring cohesive Customer Experience across channels.

As response to those barriers we developed flexible and responsive frontend platform, standing in the center of True Digital Customer Journey Ecosystem. 

Our solution grants real vertical, business- and client-centric approach bringing up analytical output through offer and process personalization.


RIFE advantages are focused on fast-responsiveness to changing customer expectations and true empowerment of business partners’ network:​ 

  • Multi-channel, automated seamless Customer Journey 
    • Exceptional Multi-Channel Customer Experience 
    • Effective Product Innovation through Channels & Touch Points 
    • Process Automation 
  • Highly personalized offering 
    • Better understanding of customer
    • Increased loyalty and retention 
    • Offering tailored to Customer Expectations 
  • Easy to integrate lean Front-end ecosystem 
    • White Label offering management 
    • Easy integration with partners and tech-disruptors 
    • Low-code agile prototyping 


RIFE Customer Journey platform is a cutting-edge solution for financial institutions to manage their multi-channel sales and operations in a vertical, customer-centric and partner-centric manner.

It enables fast and flexible personalization of offerings and processes across customer segment, channel and product portfolio. Responsive front-end layer can be easily configured to provide superior Customer Experience for self-service direct channel, White-Label multi-branded access for business partners as well as comprehensive service layer for branches and employees.

The solution is fully vertical and oriented on integrability with enterprise IT architecture of financial institutions. Business products and processes of insurance or banking sectors are at the core of the concept, so that the solution can be swiftly plugged into new or established corporate ecosystems as flexible front-end in two-speed architectural approach.

At the very heart of machine learning algorithms and AI tools, cloud computing and behavioral proactive care ,we bring new revolution for finance to cross the digitalization era as disruptive winners.  

If you’re interested in a more detailed insight into functionalities and configurability of RIFE, we offer a possibility to organize dedicated workshops, during which your Team will be able to assess the platform on its own based on a tailored Business Case. 

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