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Tia Technology


Through a long-term partnership with Tia, we obtain robust Tia competence and a dedicated team for Tia implementation projects in insurance companies.

We have maintained close cooperation with Tia and currently we have one of the biggest Tia Competence in Europe.

Sollers Tia Competence Facts
20 implementations

Sollers Consulting has been involved in 20 implementation or maintenance projects of the Tia system at various insurers around the world.

5000 MDs since 2017

Since 2017 we have invested 5000 MDs in internal growth, research and developing accelerators which support projects.

+80 experts

Formed a team of more than 80 experts with practical experience in Tia configuration and service.

Implementation examples

See how we help clients:

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AVIVA Poland

‘Side by side’ Tia 5 reimplementation to Tia 7.3 for P&C insurance. Heavily customised ADF-screens for MOTOR and Household products, SME and TRAVEL business lines were implemented in Tia Product Center (TPC). The project covered also the integration with multiple front ends, the financial system, two print systems and a pricing engine.

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Nationale Nederlanden Poland

Tia 7.4 was implemented together with RIFE as a front end for sales through the bancassurance channel. The platform enabled Nationale-Nederlanden to sell life and non-life products in different banks and through various distribution channels. After 6 months since the project started, the system was ready for production.

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Axa Poland

The project covered the implementation of Commercial Lines products in Tia 6 including a full reimplementation of commission, accounting and reinsurance processes. We prepared a full integration between the internal systems and portals. What is more, the scope of the project included an integration with Guidewire ClaimCenter.

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Sollers Consulting products related to Tia Technology
Tia PL/SQL static code analysis

Set of Tia specific rules implemented for PMD code analyzer has been designed to improve the overall quality of software in insurance core IT Systems. It supports internal Tia code review by continuously highlighting the most pressing problems and suggesting relevant solutions based on defined rules.

Tia customizations

In simple words, it is a space where we can look carefully into the problems our Clients facing and invent products which can be a solution for them. We are designing functionalities that could be an answer to repeatable problems or inconveniences including TPC configurable tariff algorithm, customizable Tia ADF search engine, on-quote installment plan and commission simulation.

Tia Monitoring

ELK is an open source solution to store, search through and visualization of Tia logs. The solution combines three complementary projects: search and analytics engine, server‑side data processing pipeline and possibility to visualize data with charts and graphs. Main purpose of the solution is an improvement in problems diagnoses connected with functionality or performance.

Automated tests

Autotest is a perfect tool for regression tests and behavior-driven development. It pairs browser automation with test scenarios written in plain language for ADF application and scenarios prepared from UI for older FORMS application. While creating you can prepare own scenarios from scratch or use ready to use components.

Tia Claim Chatbot

Automation of some parts of client service has been achieved through Facebook API and connection with Tia core endpoints. The solution provides 24/7 support for claim issuing process by gathering and initially validating data. The bot is easy to configure via Tia parameters by following Claim Question Wizzard setup and provide initial data validation.

Machine Learning

Solutions based on machine learning algorithms developed on H2O.ai offers analysis of a large amount of data in order to search for hidden patterns, fraud detection or anomalies and turn them into specific business decisions. We also use Natural Language Processing (Google and Facebook) libraries for claim classification and estimation based on text. The benefits of the Tia & H2O.ai solution are low entry costs, already integrated with Tia, efficient and stable in memory calculations, easy scalability, possible further development.

Tia Community Conference

We are proud to have participated in and sponsored Tia Community Conferences

that enabled us to meet with Tia users and many of our customers.


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