GoQu Web

GoQu Web

GoQu Web

Solution for Digital Portals

GoQu Web is an add-on for GoQu Suite (GoQu Dev and/or GoQu Hub, dedicated to Guidewire Digital Products, including customizations.

It consists of two code scanners – local and server based.

GoQu Web uses industry standard solutions, ESLint and Sonarqube, and complements them

with additional functionalities developed by Sollers.

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As Business Owner:

  1. My app is delivered faster.
  2. I can decrease costs of software implementation.
  3. My team is more productive.
  4. I can easily inspect all code vendors.
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As Technical Leader:

  1. I can focus on more complicated issues.
  2. I can focus on designing new features and developing existing ones.
  3. I can easily share my experience and knowledge.
  4. I can easily conduct few different projects.
  5. My projects’ code technical debt goes down, not up.

As Developer:

  1. I receive a feedback every time I need it.
  2. I can learn coding best practices on the fly.
  3. I can easily fix issues thanks to autocorrection.
  4. I am more satisfied with code I send to a code review.
  5. I am more independent in my work.
Other GoQu variants:
GoQu Dev

Real-time code scans in IDE

GoQu Hub

Code quality monitoring

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