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Exceeding RPA: How Warta took claims automation to the next level
Camunda, Hyperautomation, Process Automation, RPA, Warta , Case study , Claims Automation


About the customer

Warta, a member of Talanx group, is the second biggest, and the oldest insurance company in Poland – established in 1920. Using its nationwide sales network of about 50.000 agents, they offer their products and services to a very wide group of both individual and corporate customers.

The offer for individual customers is mostly focused on motor, property, travel, and third-party liability policies. Corporate offer, on the other hand, is based on providing specialized and complex insurance coverage. Warta is also a market leader for marine and aviation insurance.

What was the goal of the project?

As a part of a wider project called “Pestka,” Warta decided to be the innovation and automation leader on the Polish market. The initiative, started in 2013, more than doubled productivity of claim handlers in 2020.

Still, since Warta’s ambition is to catch up with highly automated industries such as E-Commerce or Social Media in terms of Process Automation, they invested in a new platform that will:

  • Increase self-service level for customers
  • Generate improved customer feedback linked to service availability, real-time response process control, reactivity, and service quality
  • Decrease the loss adjustment time
  • Lower the cost of substitute cars
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Lead to a high percentage of claims being handled fully automatically

What solution was implemented?

Sollers partnered with Warta to support this ongoing transformation programme with key talent in areas such as Guidewire, DevOps, Business Analysis, and Agile.

To split the project into increments focusing on fast value creation, the whole claim handling process was broken down into micro processes. In the first project phase, 50 micro processes were chosen to be automated with the use of BPMs and Decision Engine capabilities of Camunda integrated to the already used Guidewire ClaimCenter.

The first micro process chosen in a PoC was a welcome message from the Warta Mobile App. In this message, a customer that created a new claim is greeted and introduced to his claim handler. Before the project, this message was sent manually by a claim handler and on average was sent around 1 hour after logging in. After the PoC, the message was not only sent within minutes, but also based on the information gathered during first notice of loss and the context of the claim (additional materials such as photos, vehicle registration documents or driving license needed for the process).

As the PoC was a big success, the project and Sollers’ involvement were prolonged and are currently ongoing, with new automations being introduced every 4-8 weeks.

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