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Beesafe is honoured with the Sollers Award
Apr 23, 2021

Polish insurance start-up Beesafe has been awarded the Sollers Award 2021 for building a fully digital insurance company. On the final day of the Innovation in Insurance conference, Sollers Consulting recognised the ambitious scope and exceptional speed of this project. Before the award was presented, representatives of Beesafe and Sollers Consulting reported on the establishment of the new company. 

On the final day of the Innovation in Insurance conference, insurance start-up Beesafe was presented with the Sollers Award, which recognises outstanding digitalisation projects. Beesafe is a digital insurance company founded by VIG for digitally savvy customers in Poland. In his laudation of the award winner, Marcin Pluta, Managing Partner of Sollers Consulting, pointed out the outstanding achievements.  

“We congratulate the Beesafe team on the successful launch of the new insurance company. Beesafe sets new standards in terms of customer experience in the market. The project we participated in, was very ambitious in terms of time and scope. The motor insurance was implemented in a digital ecosystem approach and many features were added to create a unique customer experience. All this was achieved in an almost completely remote working mode. It was a great pleasure for the Sollers teams to be part of this remarkable project,” said Pluta. 

The Sollers Award is given to companies that achieve outstanding results in their IT projects. On 12 April, Guidewire Software was awarded the Sollers Award. Previous winners of the Sollers Award include Zurich Germany, PZU and Beazley. The Sollers Award 2021 was presented by Pluta to Rafał Mosionek, CEO of Beesafe 

“We are grateful to be honoured with the Sollers Award. We have built an insurance distribution brand that makes buying insurance as easy as possible. Thanks to modern technology, Beesafe’s offering includes many features that create real value for clients. Our innovative approach might be breakthrough for direct distribution in Poland,” said Mosionek.  

Piotr Pastuszka, Senior Manager at Sollers Consulting reports on the technical set-up of the new insurer, which involved more than 100 business and IT specialists. Beesafe’s IT infrastructure is based on Guidewire and is run on Microsoft Azure. In building the new IT infrastructure, the joint teams of Beesafe and Sollers Consulting created a digital service ecosystem around mobility. As an extension to motor vehicle insurance, the VIG/Compensa start-up offers insurance coverage for luggage, legal protection, and small vehicles such as scooters, hoverboards and unicycles. The convenience package for MOD/MTPL includes various concierge and repair services. Beesafe aims to develop simple sales processes. Using public databases, the company enables motor insurance to be taken out with just two pieces of data to be provided by the customer. 

“We have created the best digital customer experience that exists in the Polish insurance market. Beesafe aims to attract digitally-savvy customers. We are on the market with an easy-to-buy car insurance offer which, as we expected, changed the situation on MOD/MTPL client perception, Mosionek explained.  

Our joint teams have done a great job. They have built an insurer with complex product requirements in a very short time. We look forward to the further development of the company,” commented Pluta.