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Sollers Consulting supports ConTe.it in test automation to ensure faster development
Sep 10, 2020

Warsaw, 10th September 2020: Sollers Consulting, a business and IT consulting company, has successfully supported the Italian online insurance brand ConTe.it, part of the Admiral Group, in defining and implementing an end-to-end process for test automation. The project resulted in accelerating the development of the Guidewire suite and an improvement in overall quality. The project also included the deployment of the BATS tool to ensure stable and reliable testing throughout the entire development process.

Sollers Consulting supported the Italian insurance brand ConTe.it in implementing a quality assurance process for test automation. ConTe.it is specialised in motor vehicle insurance and is part of the Admiral Group. The project goal was to save time in the development lifecycle by addressing certainty, simplicity, and transparency. There were two main phases in the project cycle. First, the process implementation and introduction of the Business Automation Testing Suite (BATS), developed by Sollers Consulting, was delivered for Guidewire PolicyCenter™ and later also for Guidewire ClaimCenter™. The implementation of the test automation process took only 3.5 months in each phase.

“Having established a quality insurance process accompanied by the implementation of BATS, ConTe.it now has the skills and tools that will guarantee independence in further Guidewire implementation projects to ensure a successful project delivery and maintenance. We congratulate ConTe.it on this great achievement,” says Rafał Durasiewicz, Manager at Sollers Consulting.

“It was our aim to ensure faster development and better quality. Now we have a working test automation process tailored to our needs. The cooperation with Sollers Consulting went very smoothly and they ensured the transfer of their strong technical knowledge. Their ability to integrate with our mixed team and focus on results enabled us to provide better overall service to our business and, consequently, for our customers, says Paolo De Totero Chief Information Technology at ConTe.it.

During the project, the approach to functional test automation was defined and an end-to-end process was implemented. With the accompanying implementation of BATS, ConTe.it now has a business-friendly and flexible solution.

With BATS, the test process can be made more convenient and lighter while maintaining high quality standards and accelerating development. By introducing the tool, ConTe.it will ensure uniform development standards and increased stability. BATS enables ConTe.it to run automated tests with pre-built components that can be created and executed quickly, smoothly and regularly.

Right from the start, the project was designed to facilitate transferring knowledge. Thanks to the corresponding training courses, ConTe.it now has an autonomous quality assurance team in place for the first time. The introduced process for test automation not only enables direct savings in manual testing, but it is also an investment to build on in the future.

The project was implemented from Rome, Seville and Warsaw in a mixed team and has delivered impressive results in term of efficiency and quality. In the second phase of the project, due to the Covid-19 situation, the project was moved to a remote setup. Despite the difficult circumstances, high quality standards were maintained.

For more information on test automation and BATS, please follow this link https://sollers.eu/services-products/software-quality-assurance/bats.

About ConTe.it:

ConTe.it is the Italian brand of Admiral Group, the leading car insurance company based in UK, Spain, France and the United States, with over 6.8 million customers worldwide and a global staff of over 10,000 people. ConTe.it was born in 2008 in Italy and in recent years has stood out for its competitive offer of auto and motorbike insurance products and for the high quality of the customer service that listens and responds clearly and concretely to customer’s needs. A strategy that led ConTe.it to overcome the threshold of 700 thousand customers. In 2020 ConTe.it gained the 4th place in the special ranking of Great Place to Work® Italy in the Large Companies category, reserved to the companies with over 500 employees, confirming itself in the TOP 5 for the fifth consecutive year.