IT Project Audit

Even though 30%* of projects still do not meet their goals,

it is good to know in advance whether

they are heading in a good direction

IT Project Audit

Even though 30%* of projects still do not meet their goals,

it is good to know in advance whether

they are heading in a good direction

Don’t let your IT project fail


Chances are that one or more of your projects are entering zone of overbudgeting, delays, scope creeping or in the end it will not meet its business goals. Statistically, 9.9%* of your project investment will be wasted this way. If you feel that it is happening right now, it might be time for an IT Project Audit.

At Sollers we all know our credo: “We always deliver”. And we stand by it. Why? Because we have been mastering our IT project delivery capabilities over the last 20 years; conducting and witnessing hundreds of IT projects of different scopes and sizes. That is why we can make a commitment. We can help you as well.

We believe that:
  • Outside perspective gives you the opportunity to see the things you won’t notice from the inside. On top of extensive experience in IT and project management, we also have an insight-driven business understanding of the financial sector .
  • IT projects and related investments sometimes must be closed and written off. We provide arguments and help in making difficult decisions.
  • Practical knowledge of projects and their audit methods gathered through experience gives us the edge over many professional auditors.


What you may expect

We will advise you to make decisions regarding the project:

Strategy level

whether to continue or stop the project,

change business partners,

modify strategic goals,

Operational level

frames of project: scope assumptions,

organisation, methods, flow,

Implementation level

support through coaching, mentoring,

change management, project management.

Results you can expect



  • Minimised waste – it is always the case with problematic projects
  • A fully functional solution delivered, if we find out that the project
    is a prospective one, which is our minimum requirement
  • Increased chances to meet your business goals
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'Their expertise in the field means that they’re able to bring a different perspective.'

Jeffrey Crawford

Global Claims Platform Lead


'What really impresses me the most about them is the depth of knowledge and experience.'

Nicolas Rhatigan

Claims Business Lead

Aviva UK

'It’s not really about a customer-supplier relationship, it is about one team working to achieve the same goals.'

Evandro Manolas

IT Claims Manager

Allianz UK

How did a leading insurer in Scandinavia assure code quality for a large project? Being in progress of implementing Guidewire Claim Center, a leading Scandinavian insurer wanted to assure that the code produced by software developers was best possible quality. Sollers seemed to be a good fit for a quality assurance expert as we have vast experience in implementing large Guidewire projects and we know how to stay focused on timely delivery without compromising on quality.

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